Terms & Conditions


SKULPT UK store’s ambition is for the website to always be up and running, however SKULPT UK store cannot guarantee this. SKULPT UK store cannot guarantee that all the products shown are available at the time you place your order. In the event the product you order is no longer available you will be contacted by e-mail shortly after placing your order. Due to the colour settings of your computer, the colours of the products shown in the pictures in the SKULPT UK store can differ from their actual colours. SKULPT UK store cannot be held responsible for any such discrepancy.


SKULPT UK store reserves the right to change prices of the products sold. The prices of the products will, during the time of placing an order, be valid throughout that specific process.


The SKULPT UK store accepts payment by VISA and PayPal. The full payment is charged when the package is dispatched. All transactions are encrypted and 100% secure. 


Shipping charges will be added to your order. Please view the SKULPT UK store shipping rates for information on your specific shipping charge.


SKULPT UK store cannot be held responsible for any currency changes or currency exchange rates any bank may have when exchanging the EUR, USD or GBP into any other currency.


SKULPT UK store will, not pay shipping costs for uncollected packages.


If you have any questions please contact the customer service at shaneskulptuk@gmail.com


We welcome any comments about our service so that we can improve what we are doing. We aim to deal with any problems quickly and fairly. If you have reason to complain about our service, please email our Customer Services Team stating clearly that you are making a complaint. Our aim is to respond to your complaint within a few working days, either resolving the complaint or with a timescale for resolution

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